Finding Nero

Finding Nero was a mobile application designed to educate children of water consumption and the dangers it has on the environment when not moderated. The idea was the child would start the game with the water level slowly beginning to lower. Then they would have a shower before the water had reached the bottom.

Logo Designs

This was purely an internal project so the Logo was designed to mimic the Disney film Finding Nemo in an attempt to appeal to the younger demographic. 


These are the characters created for the children to pick their personal avatar. Simplistic, vivid with line work. This is the basic design principles used throughout the entire project.

Level Backgrounds

5 initial levels were created.


Fish Designs

A variety of fish swim around during each level which were a lot of fun to design. From the huge Blue whale, to the tiny Guppy.


Map Design

The map is the glue that connects the levels together, sending the user on an educated and fun journey.