Loose Change


Produced: Vanessa Hetherington & Broken Bricks
Directed: Scott Castles & Chevy Mclaren
Edited: Scott Castles
Character modelling, animation, rendering & compositing: Scott Castles
Sound Mixing: Scramble soho

Loose change was a test advert that we shot. The idea is centred around a goblin that steals people's cash using a huge magnet. It's a wacky premise that we wanted to explore and have some fun with.  

Concept art & design

Concept art: Scott Castles

I designed the creature first through rough sketches, then moving onto a zbrush sculpt before creating the fully rigged character in 3ds max.


Storyboards: Scott Castles

Lighting and rendering


I created a custom HDRI from the photo's taken on set. I also made a Plasticine model for even more lighting reference.